Hospitality Procurement & Supplies
Backed by extensive experience and hotel operational knowledge, our one-stop shop solutions deliver more than OS&E and FF&E to our Clients, - Lower cost bids and less purchasing stress
Our Capabilities

It's What We Do Best

We leverage our long-standing experience and extensive operational knowledge to provide our Clients with complete OS&E and FF&E procurement and supply services that will reduce their costs while ensuring smooth opening and operation of their hospitality venues with the right materials.

In order to bring our Clients a balance of quality, cost and dependability, we directly work with experienced and reputed manufacturers mainly from Europe, Turkey and Asia with the best warranties, terms and conditions. We have growing number of long standing agreements and close cooperation with numerous suppliers for many OS&E and FF&E categories.

Our procurement and supply services are customized on project basis and range from procurement of specific OS&E material groups to turn-key services including design and installation of FF&E.

OS&E Materials Covered

– Guestroom Supplies
– Bed, Bath & Filled Linen
– F&B Linen
– Staff Uniforms
– Flatware & Cutlery
– Chinaware
– Glassware
– Stewarding Supplies
– Engineering & Maintenance Tools
– Spa & Pool Supplies
– Holloware
– Banquet & Buffet display Items
– Appliances
– Trolleys & Cleaning Equipment
– Bar & Mocktail Utensils
– Kitchen Utensils
– Leatherette Supplies
– Guestroom Electronics
– Staff OS&E supplies
– Printing Supplies & Collateral’s

FF&E Materials Covered

– Loose & Fixed Furniture
– Customised Artwork
– Glasswork & Mirrors
– Window Treatments
– Directional Signages
– Sanitaryware & Bathroom Accessories
– Floor Coverings
– Planters
– Lighting
– 2nd Fix MEP Items
– Banquet Furniture
– Office Furniture & Equipment

Design and Selection

– Review of project designs
– Drafting of general OS&E lists and specifications
– General advice on par quantities, material categories and selection of materials

Cost Planning

Development of OS&E preliminary budget


– Preparation and launch of OS&E procurement tenders on behalf of Clients
– Evaluation and selection of the most appropriate suppliers, arrangement of material samples and technical submittals
– Preparation and issuance of LPO’s to selected suppliers

Contract Management

– Preparation and launch of OS&E procurement tenders on behalf of Clients
– Evaluation and selection of the most appropriate suppliers, arrangement of material samples and technical submittals
– Preparation and issuance of LPO’s to selected suppliers

Logistics Management

– Order expediting including the shipment status reports
– Import procedures, customs clearance, warehousing, local logistics and delivery support in Qatar

Delivery, Handover, & Installation

– Inspection of materials prior to shipment and upon arrival at Client’s warehouse
– Overseeing the placement of OS&E in accordance with project and delivery schedules
– Preparation of delivery reports

Close - Out

– Preparation of OS&E asset registry
– Collation and filing of manufacturers’ warranties, installation, and usage instructions
– Administration of defect liability period with suppliers on behalf of Clients”

Our Capabilities

OS&E and FF&E Procurement

A specialist team, operation experience and negotiation skills are what makes our OS&E and FF&E procurement services save our Clients’ money and time. We pride ourselves in providing the highest level of procurement service in Qatar’s hospitality market.

Working closely with project consultants, managers, architects, and interior designers we provide our Clients with excellent solutions that reflect the chosen concept design and that exceed the quality and budget expectations of our Clients.

We bring more experience, more passion and operational understanding to the table when we speak about OS&E and FF&E procurement. We consider ourselves as an integral part of our Clients’ teams and we strive to provide our Clients with the right tools and advices needed to make informed decisions.

A Specialist Team with Expertise

Our purchasing team consists of highly qualified members and associates bringing in a vast amount of hotel operations, OS&E, and FF&E experience, knowledge, and expertise to every procurement we do.

Professional Services

From planning stage till the delivery period, and after sales, you will see and feel the world-class, top-tier, and intensive professional care to your hospitality venue and your requirements.

One-Stop Shop

Procurement, supply, logistics, warehousing, delivery, and installation services for all your OS&E and FF&E requirements provided under the same roof.

High Quality Competitive Prices

Correct OS&E and FF&E materials with correct technical specifications delivered to your hospitality venues with the most competitive prices in Qatar.

Broadest Supply Range in Qatar

We supply the broadest range of OS&E and FF&E category materials in Qatar on a wide variety of products and services that aim to keep your hospitality venue operating at optimal levels at all times.

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